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The move from nursery to primary is the first important transition in a child's education. Children from Hazeldene Nursery in East Renfrewshire talk about their expectations, hopes and fears at this important stage in their young lives.

There are 11 P7s at Plains Primary in North Lanarkshire and only 66 pupils in the whole school. The transition next term, when they go to Caldervale High in Airdrie, which has a roll of more than 900, will be quite daunting for most of them.

SCOTT HAMILTON - Better than nursery

What I've liked best in nursery is going in the sandpit with Alex and Jamie and Jack and building models. I don't think they will have stuff for model-building at Kirkhill.

I can count up to 12. Alexander has the longest name. We had a visit from the P1 buddies and we talked about the cafeteria and the Muga (the multi- use games area) - the basketballs bounce really high.

You get Friday fun and there's Thursday fun too, but not all the time. My sister Cara didn't want to go to sports day and my mum was last in the mums' race. Calum's dad was first in the dads' race.

There are nine computers in the classroom; we only have two here. They have some Robotboy games, and Billy and Mandy games, and Stormhawks games. They are just for fun. My teacher is Miss David - she's quite nice.

School will be good, better than nursery.

FELICITY ROME - Everything's just fine

What I've enjoyed most at nursery is colouring in and jigsaws. We like to play games outside. I like swings and monkey-bars and I can count to 13. Sometimes I can count to 100. I can write my name and I can spell other people's names. I can read the whole recipe for the bird-cake and I've copied it out. I like jungle books - and that's it.

My new school is Kirkhill Primary and it's three minutes from my house. I've met my teacher, Mrs Byrne, two times. When you first visit your school, you get to play football, basketball and rugby in the Muga (multi- use games area).

When we go to school we do maths, English and French. Some people in school can count up to 60 and up to 12 in French. I can count up to 10.

We had a visit from some of the P1s. I asked if you get a climbing frame and they said yes; Blair asked if you get a slide and they said no.

If you bring a packed lunch, you can eat it. I'm going to try school lunches, because I had a hot lunch there and it was really nice.

Everything's just fine and I'm not scared.

RACHEL JANE JONES - I love Mrs Brown

I've been to my new school two times and played with the playdough and Lego. They had one computer but no one was allowed to play with it, but we will be allowed when we go to school.

There was another giant room with hundreds of computers. Sometimes you have to share the room with other people and sometimes you get to do it on your own.

I like drawing and writing. You have to do hundreds, because you need to do homework. If you are upset, you can ask the teacher to help you. I don't know how many will be in my class, but lots more than here. There's a special playground for P1s. If you have no friends, you stand in the middle and someone will get you and will play with you.

When the P1 buddies came, I asked if we get tricky maths. They said "quite". They help us with our homework. That's good. Katy didn't ask any questions, because she was all itchy. You go to school to learn things. It won't be better than here, because I love Mrs Brown.

LUKE PEARCE - Hot lunches are more fun

My teacher is going to be Mrs Byrne. She's nice and good. She's young. I'd like to play games and play on the computer. There's a computer at the school and you get a partner, because there's two seats and one computer.

I like going outside. I'm going to play musical bumps. The Muga had loads and loads of toys in it, balls and things like that. You only get to play in it from seven or six, only on my first day in school I'm allowed to play in the Muga.

I saw we could get hot and cold lunches. I'm going to get a hot lunch. I bringed a packed lunch but hot lunches are more fun. I know there's going to be homework sometimes but not all the time.

It's good that there's lots more boys and girls - actually, there are lots in my class just now, but if we join all the classes together there will be very much more than this.

I usually play with girls. I'm looking forward to going to school because I will be hot in my summer holidays, but it's usually quite cold in my country.

LOUISE KERR - Your responsibilities are big

We went to a conference with people from St Margaret's Primary - it was to do with moving up to high school and stuff your parents could do to help with your homework, and how the school can help parents as well as children.

Normally in primary, you get homework on a Friday and have to hand it in on a Thursday. I think we might get less than a week to manage it at Caldervale. I'm looking forward to maths; I like maths. We do computing but not as much as in the high school; I do computing at home.

The advantage of this school (primary) is that you make friends quickly, because you are in a small school. You get to know everyone. Your responsibilities are big throughout P7 - we're buddies and wet play managers.

It would be nice to stay in this school for longer, because we've not been in it that long. I'm going to wait to get more friends and then we'll all go out together for lunch.

STEVEN SMITH - You shouldn't be frightened

I'm looking forward to going to a bigger school, because there will be more people to make friends with. There are only seven P7 boys here, and I'd like to have more pals.

Here we usually have only one class teacher, and I think it will be good to get to know other teachers. We've had the same teacher for three years here. I'm looking forward to PE - bigger halls and more equipment and a swimming pool. I'm also looking forward to technology, because we don't usually do much technology in primary. I'm going to be in Erskine house.

My older sister is in S5. She says the things people say to you are not true: you will get to know the school quickly and you shouldn't be frightened. So I'm not worried.

CHLOE HAXTON - I'm interested in sewing

The disadvantage of moving to a bigger school is that, because ours has only 60 pupils, when you move to high school you need to make new friends. We've got a very small class - only four P7 girls, so you've only got about three friends your age. We're on a shared campus with St Margaret's Primary, so I've got some other P7 friends here, but they won't be going to Caldervale.

I've an older cousin in S1. He said I should not be worried about going on the bus. And he said I should not be worried about getting a stricter teacher, because you move on in less than an hour.

I'm looking forward to home economics. We used to do some cooking for "golden time", but only for about a month. I'm interested in sewing. We have a sewing club in school. I think I will quite like maths - and English.

I'm pleased we're going to be set for some classes - if they were mixed, you would be held back; you would have to be doing work with people at a lower level.

BENJAMIN MYLER - Ready to move on

I'm looking forward to doing certain subjects - PE and maths. We've been in this new school for one-and-a-half years. It's got a lot better stuff in it and the classrooms are a lot nicer than the old school.

Caldervale High looks good, but not as nice as this school: this school's brand new. It seemed a lot bigger than this school. In the first two weeks, you get shown about and get a timetable. You get S6 buddies and people from this school who have gone up to Caldervale will help you. I'm going to be in Morton house.

I'm going to go out for lunch - to Benny's Snack Shack. The dining hall seemed a bit cramped; I wasn't sure about sitting in with all those people already eating lunch. You get to sit in the library if you have a packed lunch, or you can go on an "out lunch".

At lunchtime, you can go on computers and go to the library and read books. There are also after-school clubs to help you - revision clubs. They set you for maths and English, so you are all at the same level.

If you don't like a teacher, in 53 minutes you get a new one.

I'm ready to move on.

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