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At the Dubble

Start the term with a treat for that brilliant class - the one that makes you laugh instead of cry and reminds you why you're a teacher.

To tell us why your class deserves a box of Dubble bars, email and mark your message Dubble offer. For information on fair trade for Dubble Agents go to

Dave Rose has taught for 30 years without a break ("no time off for good behaviour") and is currently a science teacher at Heysham high in Morecambe, Lancashire. He used to be at Heysham, after jobs in Glasgow and London, then had a spell as head of science elsewhere in Lancashire. He's happier now, back at Heysham, where there's a smashing class, 8.1.3 (that's Year 8, band 1, set 3), who've given him back his enthusiasm for the job.

"You know what it's like on a wet, dull Tuesday, last lesson of the day in the science lab..." Then 8.1.3 arrive and the lesson immediately takes off.

They try hard, give their best and share Mr Rose's sense of humour. From firing rockets on the all-weather pitch to watching phenyl salicylate forming on microscope slides ( that's to illustrate igneous rock formation) this class is fun to teach. Not forgetting support assistant Clare Ashworth, who has the patience of a saint and really deserves a bar of Dubble fair-trade chocolate.

Take the biscuit

Fancy some biscuits for your staffroom, department or school office? Answer our quiz (think biscuit for one of the answers) and you could win two tins of organic Duchy Originals.

1. Which "nu" metal band's latest album, due out in June, is to be called The Search for Teddy Swoes?

2. What was Dante's surname?

3. Oil of the wormwood plant is used to make a notorious liqueur, the production of which is banned in France. What is its name?

4. Which quiz-show hostess, the daughter of a Liverpudlian market stall-holder, once worked as a chicken gutter?

5. In a pride of lions who does not hunt, but is the first to feed?

April 4 answers: 1. Nicole Kidman; 2. The blood of Christ; 3. Ship's biscuits; 4. Surnames; 5. Dogs.

For Take the Biscuit email: by May 8. First out of the hat will take the biscuits - supplied by Duchy Originals. Teaching materials about organic food and farming - and the answer to one quiz question - are at If you don't have email, send a postcard, with the name of the offer and your address to: Tracey Thomas, Friday magazine, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W 1BX

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