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Fancy a breaktime treat for your staffroom, department or school office? Think you know your Rich Tea from your Hobnobs? Pool your brain power to answer our quiz (think biscuit for one of the five answers) and you could win two classy tins of organic Duchy Originals.

1. What is a googol?

2. Who were the runners-up in the first Football World Cup?

3. In North America they are called Fig Newtons. What are they known as here?

4. What was the real passion of Japan's former Emperor Hirohito?

5. What is the Epic of Gilgamesh?

Answers to May 24: 1. Farsi; 2. Nathaniel Hawthorne; 3. Cary Grant; 4. A biscuit - and liable to VAT; 5. A gambling dice game. Congratulations to Sue Howarth of Bath.

Send your answers on a postcard to:Tracey Thomas, Take the Biscuit, details as for the book offer above. The first set of correct answers out of the hat will take the biscuits - supplied by Duchy Originals. Teaching materials about organic food and farming, are available at*The TES may wish to process or disclose your data to approved third-party companies to monitor our progress and send you future promotions. If you wish us not to do this, please write 'No promotions' on your entry

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