See a show

It's curtain up on a great deal for theatre lovers. Watch this space to save up to pound;10 on hot seats around the UK, or win tickets for selected shows.

Starting next week with the Shakespeare's Globe production of The Golden Ass, the Treats column will feature shows such as the West End musical 125th Street, touring productions of King Lear and A Christmas Carol, and - with Christmas outings in mind - Thomas the Tank Engine. This week, we have 25 sets of posters from the term's productions to give away. Email friday@tes. (mark the message Poster Offer).*

Give your class a break

Tell us in 50 words or fewer why you think your class is the best ever (Are they working hard? Do they make you laugh?) and you could win a box of KitKats for your pupils - then they'll think you're great too (for a while, anyway). We have 48 KitKats to give away every week this term, so tell us why your kids deserve them. The most convincing answer wins. For the KitKat offer email by September 13.* Take the biscuit

Fancy some biscuits for your staffroom, department or school office? Pool your brain power to answer our quiz (think biscuit for one of the five answers) and you could win two classy tins of organic Duchy Originals.

1. Which Oscar Wilde character in which play said, "I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train."?

2. Ladykiller, Golden Mammoth and E A Bowles are all types of?

3. What do humans do to the troposphere?

4. Who was paid $3 million to leave as chief of production for Columbia Pictures?

5. Under what Pythonesque name did John Desmond Lewis stand for Parliament in 1981?

For Take the Biscuit email: by September 13.* The first set of correct answers out of the hat will take the biscuits - supplied by Duchy Originals. Teaching materials about organic food and farming are at

Don't worry if you don't have email. Send us a postcard, giving the name of the offer and your address to: Tracey Thomas, Friday magazine, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W 1BX.*The TES may wish to process or disclose your data to approved third-party companies to monitor our progress and send you future promotions. If you wish us not to do this, please write 'No promotions' on your entry

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