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Treats should be unremarkable

Susan Clinch's letter, "Inspectors were a real treat" (TES, June 14), was pleasing but worrying. It is good to know that staff at Banstead School "were able to respect the inspectors as they were obviously experienced in primary education", but worrying that such a situation is considered worthy of aletter.

Surely we would hope that all teachers during an inspection would be "impressed by the thought, sensitivity and professionalism of the team". Furthermore, we should not be surprised to hear that "at no time did any of the staff feel 'victims' of an unfair system".

The disturbing thing about the letter is that the current system of inspections does result in such positive reflections being newsworthy. It is time for a new approach to the promotion and monitoring of quality in education which leads to respect for the inspection process becoming the norm.

DOUG McAVOY General secretary National Union of Teachers Hamilton House Mabledon Place London WC1 TES JUNE 28 1996

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