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Trevor may be a perfect Polly

Much kerfuffle in Midlothian education headquarters last week, unrelated to the current HMI inspection of the authority. A parrot was causing a bit of a flutter - no, not a racing parrot from the former mining community.

The bird chose to land on the window-sill outside the community education office, where it declined to be enticed into the lifelong learning agenda.

Keen twitchers observed polly looked quite fetching in its green plumage, coincidentally maching the council's own colours. But growing restless, the bird tried a perch on the opposite side of the building, and failed to appreciate the risk: it was the social work window.

Staff craftily devised a mechanism involving a cardboard box and slice of apple to lure the visitor inside where it was duly taken into care and christened Trevor - after the chief executive. If it turns out to be a female Trevor, questions will almost certainly be asked.

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