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Trevor's other bright ideas

* The latest Freeplay radio is supported by a built-in solar panel. This extends playing time by up to four hours.

* In March BayGen will launch the Freeplay wind-up torch. It will cost about pound;50.

* The clockwork computer. At the Commonwealth Ministers' Council in Botswana last year, Trevor Baylis linked an Apple e-mate (a notebook computer for schools) to one of his standard spring motor generators. The computer ran for 15 minutes on one winding. The idea is now being looked at by engineers in BayGen.

* The clockwork talking book. Toy manufacturer Tomy has a package which enables a learning reader to point a "magic pen" at words or pictures in a real book and hear them spoken aloud. The standard product works with batteries. Trevor Baylis is working on a clockwork version.

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