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Tried and Tested - Crazy fools

Subject Science

Lesson Challenge Mr T

Ages 14-16

Supplied by Henry Cordy-McKenna, science AST at Honywood Community Science School in Coggeshall, Essex

1. What is it?

Challenge Mr T is an example of an interactive PowerPoint quiz that uses sound clips from the unmistakable A-Team character to provide feedback on a chemistry quiz (although it could be used for any subject).

2. Who is it aimed at?

GCSE science (especially lower ability).

3. What happens in the lesson?

After the first 20 minutes recapping a science topic (in this case rates of reaction), the pupils get the chance to compete in two teams to test their knowledge on the whiteboards. Members of each team come up to the whiteboard to choose their answer, and the team can score points if they answer correctly. "No, fool!" is perhaps not the ideal way to provide constructive feedback for your class - but in the interactive whiteboard quizzes I've been using with classes it helps get pupils excited about science.

4. What do you want the lesson to achieve?

The main objective is to boost enthusiasm for science, especially when teaching a dull topic. It should also help self-esteem by encouraging individuals to come forward and test their learning.

5. How do you know it has been successful?

Smiles all round at the end of a science class.

6. Why would you recommend this to other teachers?

His style might be a bit blunt, but Mr T's motto of "if you wanna be somebody, it's gonna take some hard work" could be right out of an Ofsted report. My classes love him, and it makes a change when they can't wait to get started on the plenary. Also, the template is easily editable for use with other subjects and topics.

7. Give us three top tips

- Make PowerPoints fun - include some silly noises or unexpected images.

- Whiteboard quizzes work best with pictures rather than just words.

- Get the pupils involved - put the interactive into interactive whiteboard.

8. Useful resources

Challenge Mr T, along with other interactive whiteboard materials, can be downloaded from File downloads costs from Pounds 1 per go, although you get a few for free when you sign up.


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