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Tried and Tested - The job's worth

Subject: Business studies

Lesson: Selecting an applicant

Ages: 16-plus

Supplied by: John Bateman, who teaches humanities in West Sussex

1. What is it?

A lesson about applying for a job.

2. Who is it aimed at?

Any group following a vocational course, an A-level business group or a careers related lesson.

3. What happens in the lesson?

Split the class into groups and allocate each a job, either something of interest, or from vacancies in the local paper. Get the pupils to draw up a person specification for the job. Ask for specific attributes in any relevant category and whether it is essential or desirable. Ask them how they would evidence these attributes (CV, interview, references, tests). Get them to compile interview questions. As a follow-up, direct them to psychometric test sites to get feedback on their own job application performance.

4. What do you want the lesson to achieve?

It gets pupils thinking about job seeking from the other side. It is excellent for promoting discussions about issues of discrimination (do you need to be physically attractive to be cabin crew?) The interview questions are a good test of communication skills. It also gets pupils thinking in a structured way about employment opportunities and CV building.

5. How do you know it has been successful?

Through debates and discussions, and their reflections individually and with the group.

6. Why would you recommend this to other teachers?

It's a fun session and gets pupils to consider their own chances in the labour market - with motivational spin-offs (in the short term at least).

7. Give us three top tips

- Choose job roles that are relevant to their aspirations (easier if it is a vocational group).

- Don't give them a prepared sample person specification, it will inhibit their own thoughts.

- Do any test yourself before trying it out with pupils.

8. Useful resources

There are a number of websites that publish free psychometric tests, such as


Title: Career planning

Ages: 14-18

Subject: Careers

What is it? A short PowerPoint slideshow, visually exploring issues around self development, career exploration and career management. The slideshow is accompanied by a detailed scheme of work at levels 1 and 2.

Find it:

DownloadsViews: 271

Star Rating: 5.

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