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Tried and Tested - Recipes hit the spot

Pupils in S1-4 have been experiencing the true meaning of Curriculum for Excellence at Johnstone High in Paisley. The food, consumer and textile technology department has been leading a project to raise funds for next week's BBC Children in Need appeal, working with art and social and vocational skills.

Health promotion is part of the ethos at Johnstone High and with the London Olympics in 2012 and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, it seemed an ideal time to inspire the pupils to develop a recipe book involving various sports and sporting personalities.

More than 40 recipes have been donated by sports men and women, ranging from golf to sailing, volleyball to gymnastics, rowing to tennis and many more. The recipes have been linked to the Scottish dietary targets, taking the energy requirements of the sports people into account, giving realistic examples for the pupils to identify with, to change their own diets. Each recipe has been cooked, served and tasted by pupils in S2-4, with photographs taken to provide inspiration for those using the book.

S1 pupils in the art department designed silhouettes of the various sports for the recipe book. They had to find out the sporting disciplines in categories such as triathlon, heptathlon and equestrian before deciding on the final illustrations.

S3-4 social and vocational skills pupils researched the sales possibilities, organised an advertising campaign and will be in charge of selling the books, banking, accounting and calculating the profit that will be donated to the charity.

The enthusiasm for the project has been tangible and has encompassed skills and knowledge, along with the four capacities. It has wrapped literacy and numeracy with vocational skills while developing interdisciplinary learning and the end result is a recipe book to be proud of.

Joy McLeod is PT food, consumer and textile technology at Johnstone High.

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