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Triple trio scores a hat trick;Primary;Literacy;Reviews;Books

LANGUAGE AND LITERACY SERIES. Channel 4 Learning pound;6.95 each

These three collections of three activity books for ages 5-7, 7-9 and 9-11 are well-written, well-presented and wellworth having.

Each of the nine books is ideal for integration with the literacy hour, providing text, sentence and word-level work. They are designed to support class, group and individual work, targeting skills for speaking and listening, spelling, and writing for a range of purposes.

The common format uses familiar stories and rhymes as the basis for 28 activities which are separated into four sections, each building on prior experience and work. Teacher guidance on learning intentions, resourcing and organisation for all the activities are provided in a clear set of three double-page spreads.

Hear It, Speak It, Write employs interactive games, role play and performance skills to help children think through ideas and develop a sense of audience and purpose in language work. There's lots to chat about, plenty of discussion and links with everyday life on every page.

The emphasis on building confidence and personal development is sustained in the positive provision of ideas and starting points throughout.

Spell it, Write concentrates on practical activities for developing and consolidating spelling strategies. Alphabet and dictionary work jostle cheerily with consonant clusters and rhyme and rhythm work. The variety is rich from the pupil's point of view and an excellent resource from the teacher's.

Write On continues and extends this virtue in making writing meaningful. There are adverts and acrostics, teddy lists for tiddlers, opportunities to be onomatopoeic, recipes to rewrite: reasons to be cheerful about writing.

This is a series that really does wonders in providing a treble shot of humanity, imagination and practical application into the teaching of language.

Jon O'Connor is head of Parkside First School, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire Reviews Literacy

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