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True confessions

I don't want to become the kind of teacher who... is only concerned with results. And starts wearing woollen dresses!

It made my day when... one of my Year 8 students came in bursting with pride at the fact that she had correctly spelt and defined "hyperbole" while watching the BBC's "Hard Spell" with her "ever so impressed" dad.

Senior managers don't know it, but... for the first five weeks they kept calling me by the wrong name and I didn't have the guts to correct them.

I couldn't keep a straight face when... I asked a student to give me an example of an onomatopoeic word and they replied with the word "sex".

I'm not looking forward to... Year 9 Sats results - one NQT, two Year 9 classes (one top set) are guaranteed to create worry...

I'd never live it down if... Number 1: My Christmas party karaoke performance had been secretly recorded and was accidentally broadcast around school! Number 2: My students found out that I once worked as a television extra and somewhere in the BBC archives I can be found in many guises.

I'd really like to tell the headteacher... about that one obvious word that he keeps mispronouncing. The staff have noticed, the students have noticed.

I honestly believe that... I have the best job in the entire world.

At the beginning of the week I look forward to... bizarre lunchtime conversations with my colleagues - guaranteed to raise a smile and end in raucous laughter! Even as an English teacher I struggle to spell some of those words.

My friends believe... that my job is stressful with a huge workload, but they don't understand the feeling you get when that spark of understanding finally hits and a massive smile spreads across the student's face. There are no words to describe it.

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