Truth about castle toward

Peter Wilson

Thank you for your excellent article on Castle Toward (6 July). May I take the opportunity to correct a small but vital part of this story which I am reminded of from time to time but have never got round to mentioning.

It does not change anything, of course, but the order of events in 1996 is a little different from how your "History of a residential retreat" explains it. The centre was threatened with closure in the reorganisation of local government, because none of the new authorities wished to take on its running costs. I set up an organisation to do that job. Then, because there was a serious prospect of an alternative to closure, Argyll and Bute took ownership.

Had Castle Toward been left vacant in 1995-96, the property commissioners would have been called upon to decide the "ownership" question, and since the property had been bought by the Corporation of Glasgow it can easily be claimed that they would have found in Glasgow's favour.

This possibility did not need to be considered because Argyll and Bute entered a concordat of understanding, based upon which Glasgow City Council withdrew its referral to the commissioners.

The concordat of understanding was to the effect that residential and outdoor education would continue.

Peter Wilson, The Actual Reality Learning and Leadership Company Ltd.

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Peter Wilson

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