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TTA teaser;Diary

AFTER the Diary's cruel jibes two weeks ago that the Teacher Training Agency never speaks to the press (just two press releases since January and none since May), what should drop onto The TES newsdesk this week but a faxed press release headed TTA? Rejoicing at this thawing of relations, but with some trepidation, we looked to see what could have prompted the renewal of written communications. And we find ... it's a different TTA. We're not clear what the initials stand for, but this lot are (oh irony of ironies) a public relations outfit from Surrey, helpfully offering us a "lively interviewee" from a kids' group with plenty to say on the Office for Standards in Education's proposed inspection of under-fives. A TTA press release on OFSTED?

Given the, er, sensitive nature of relations between the two, that goes beyond irony. That's satire.

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