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Turn on to see your fantasies

When it comes to education-themed television the new series of Teachers, is on a much lower plane. The new series kicked off with Kurt, the nerdish IT teacher persuading his mate, PE teacher Brian, to make a pass at new biology teacher, Lindsay.

So what do you do "when a fat bird fancies you"? Do we care? Well yes, we obviously do, if the hordes of teacher viewers of the show are anything to go by.

Why exactly Teachers has become such a runaway hit, particularly with younger staff, is not altogether clear. But the Diary suspects that it is something to do with the fact that the on-screen teachers break the rules so gloriously.

Don't you just want to cheer when Brian tells a cheeky pupil to f*** off? Or ridicules another because he's going prematurely bald? Of course all this is appalling, and you would obviously never get away with it. But the models of good behaviour in today's staffrooms can dream...

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