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Class Clips: Geography BBC2, Thursday, March 16, 4-6am

The BBC archive provides these short pieces illustrating key concepts in geography in a new programme for 11 to 16-year-olds with documentary footage and animations.

The Legend of the Lost Keys BBC2, Mondays, March 13-27, 11am-12noon

This 10-part series for seven to nine-year-olds, first broadcast in 1998 in the "Look and Read" strand, started last week. The rulers of Heritron plan to enslave the human race by means of a mysterious box, buried deep underground. As long as it stays where it is, the box can do no harm, but when it is unearthed, the children, Mark and Lisa, and their uncle George (played by Andrew Sachs) have to find the key and lock the door that leads to an alien world or we're all lost.

Pathways of Belief: Christianity BBC2, Thursdays, March 16-30, 11.30am-12noon

Chiefly aimed at seven to nine-year-olds, but also suitable for older children, this five-parter explains the main tenets of Christian belief and worship: the creation of the world, the story of Jesus, the meaning of Easter, the role of the churches and the place of the Bible in the Christian faith. The whole series is available on DVD or video (tel: 0870 830 8000).

Focus Dramas BBC2, Fridays, March 10-31, 11.50am-12noon

These five dramas aim to develop confidence and a sense of responsibility among 9 to 11-year-olds. Each one takes a situation (covering topics such as friendship, bullying or racism) and builds a drama around it that should stimulate thought and discussion. The programmes also encourage investigation of their themes through role-play and other activities.

Serious Amazon CBBC, Saturdays to April 1, 5-5.25pm

You can still catch most of this account of how eight British teenagers, chosen from thousands who volunteered, set off on an expedition up the Amazon, living for three weeks in the jungle. This is not just a case of "I'm a Teenager, Get Me Out of Here". The participants have two ecological missions: to rid the river of nets which catch freshwater dolphins and to construct enclosures where monkeys can breed. As well as dolphins and monkeys, they meet tarantulas, caymans and anacondas, and end up having some of them for dinner.

Drama Workshop: Climate Crisis BBC Radio 4, Fridays, March 10 and 17, 4.05-4.20am

The theme is climate in the end of the term's work in Drama Workshop. In the first episode, Flood Tide, the 9 to 11-year-olds can play members of the Hinton family as they prepare to face the effects of flooding on their farm. In episode two, the Hintons deal with the aftermath of the flood.

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