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TV success is broadcast quality

Our Lady and St Patrick's High in Dumbarton believes it may already be switched on to helping develop the "life chances" for its 1,350 pupils that curriculum thinkers have been advocating.

The school has established a media centre with a broadcasting wing, OLSP TV, believed to be the first pupil-led TV initiative in Scotland. This is among the many innovations which led last week to the school winning the secondary category in the first Determined to Succeed national enterprise in education awards, which attracted nearly 200 entries from schools and business projects.

The pupils running OLSP TV produce a regular lunchtime show that is broadcast throughout the school, but Charles Rooney, the headteacher, says it is about more than media skills. "The pupils will also utilise and enhance essential planning, communicating and teamworking skills," he said.

"Furthermore, they are involved in producing an informative and entertaining bulletin that will positively influence the overall atmosphere of our school."

Other enterprise award winners were Woodside nursery in Aberdeen, Cauldeen primary in Inverness, Newhills special school in Glasgow, Coca-Cola Enterprises and Standard Life.

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