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Twenty courses but no award

Since returning to learning after bringing up her three children, Kath Davies has completed more than 20 adult learner courses. But despite this, she still has just one recognised qualification: an O-level she gained at 16.

She is typical of learners who would benefit from a credit-based system of qualifications where every piece of learning is seen as a unit that can stand alone or be used as a building block towards a recognised qualification.

Kath, 46, a former supermarket assistant from Ogmore, near Bridgend, is now running a project to turn the local scout hut in her area into a community learning centre.

Motivated by her desire to run the group as effectively as possible, Kath has signed up for courses including business studies, funding and business management in various education centres around Bridgend.

"I have discovered talents that I didn't even know I had and I am now able to take full control of the business side of the Bethania Group. I have already signed up for courses in child protection and fundraising for the New Year," she said.

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