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When Michael Gove derided a set of classroom resources depicting the rise of Hitler as a Mr Men story, he could not have expected the backlash that followed. The resources created by Russel Tarr, head of history at the International School of Toulouse in France, may have been criticised by Mr Gove but plenty of teachers have rushed to Mr Tarr's defence and more than 400 people have made their avatar a picture of a Mr Man character (twitter.comrusseltarrfavorites), as have a number of users of the website.

My wife, a history teacher, has Ofsted in today, so it's #MrMen lessons all day. Apparently it's the latest thing you need to get outstanding.


If you can condense it and retell it using a different narrative, you know it! http:wel.ly30s #MrMen supporting @russeltarr


Thank goodness we have teachers like Russel Tarr...


Absolutely loving the parade of Mr Men on Twitter tonight! @russeltarr. Genius!


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