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From Twitter

Last week, Twitter conversations were dominated by the death of Nelson Mandela at the age of 95. While most were quick to pay tribute to the impact he had as an anti-apartheid campaigner and the first black president of South Africa, concerns were raised about how he would be remembered across the world.

I recall seeing white children cry because black kids were being allowed into their schools. At my French school this was the norm.


Prepare for a spate of US schools and streets to be named after Mandela.


Sad that neither of my boys' schools acknowledged #Mandela's passing this week.


Mandela said "let's educate our children", and the (African National Congress) gave us uninhabitable schools and lost textbooks.


Mandela's birth name was Rolihlahla. The name "Nelson" was given to him by his teacher on his first day of elementary school.


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