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The final episode of Tough Young Teachers aired this week. The BBC Three series focused on a group of Teach First recruits taking their first steps in the profession. TES called for questions for a webchat with the show's heroes via the hashtag #TYTchat. Find out what they had to say at tesconnect.comtoughyoungteachers

All new teachers that I know say they literally have no time to themselves - does that improve?


Knowing what u know, would u still choose the Teach First route into the profession?


Meryl (Noronha), do you think the show triggered the recent inspection at your school?


What's the best way to handle kids who gossip about you andor insult you within earshot?


Nicholas (Church), why did u decide to quit? You were fantastic. I believe God has a plan for all of us. Don't give up!


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