Two ticks

Learning to tell the time is one of those things that seems, unexpectedly, to floor many otherwise able children. It's something that really does benefit from repeated opportunities to read and display times.

The self-checking, talking Clever Clock is an excellent concept that exploits ICT's capability to give instant feedback. Children can practise moving clock hands, enter digital times, or solve simple time-related problems. The parallel digital and analogue displays offer valuable reinforcement. A handy stopwatch function is also included, helping develop an understanding of time as a unit of measure.

At each step, childrencan hear the time at the touch of a button. There are two levels of difficulty based on quarter-hour as well as five minute intervals.

Unfortunately, it is let down by its frustratingly inaudible speech. Furthermore it reveals its American ancestry, presenting time in a digital fashion using phraseology such as "ten forty" instead of the more challenging,but British, "twenty to eleven".

That said, Clever Clock is robustly made, fun, colourful and easy to use. I'm sure that many teachers will find it will demystify time telling for many young people. GB Clever Clock from Economatics (Education)Price: pound;32.95 (excluding pamp;p) Tel: 0114 28133444

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