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Two times lucky for goalie

As the football season draws to a close, a schoolgirl from Broxbourne in Hertfordshire could be on her way into the record books.

Goalkeeper Emily Dickson, 14, is believed to have made a Football Association record after scoring twice in a single match from her own penalty box.

A pupil at Broxbourne School, Emily surprised onlookers with two drop kicks down the full-sized pitch during the under-15s match. "I'd never scored a goal from my goal before. So it was totally brilliant to get two in one match," she told reporters.

After the first goal, the manager came on to the pitch and told her "double or quits". Feeling stressed that the other team would catch up, Ms Dickson decided to give it another go. "So when the ball came to me next, everyone shouted 'shoot', so I did and in it bounced." Her team won 3-2 and Ms Dickson is waiting for results from the FA.

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