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UCAS offer;Letter

Astrid Ritchie (TESS, February 27) recounted a secondary head's amazement when some of his students received unconditional offers in response to their UCCA (sic) applications before the December deadline. The interpretation suggested was that universities were operating a "first come, first served" system.

In this university all applications received by the UCAS closing date are given equal consideration. This does not preclude the making of early offers to some candidates. If no action was taken until all the applications had been received it would be impossible to process them in time.

We expect the financial pressures on students to lead to increased interest in second year entry, although at present many who are qualified do not take up this option, preferring to take full advantage of the broad education which the traditional four-year degree offers.

If the applicants of the future are to benefit fully from a system which becomes more student centred and more flexible, it will be more important than ever that they are not rushed into decisions and that they base them on accurate information.


Senior liaison officer Dundee University

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