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Under Tenner

Games that challenge

Parents and teachers know that Snap and Memory Pairs are enjoyable and effective games for teaching number recognition and other mathematical concepts. Times x Tables Snap and Fraction Action are 52-card packs that extend the principle into some challenging areas. In the first, children can match a variety of numerical expressions - any pair from 4 x 9, 36; 9 x 4, thirty-six; 6 x 6, and 3 x 12 would win a point. In Fraction Action percentages and decimal expressions are joined with diagrams. 50 per cent, 1Z2, 0.50, one half, and a divided rectangle or octagon could all help win a game that encourages speed and accuracy. The games cost pound;4 each from The Green Board Game Company, Unit 112A, Coronation Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe HP12 3RD. Tel: 01494 538 999 Email:

Creating every month

The year 2003 can take many forms. It might be an array of months with a tigerish cat sitting on top or a friendly dinosaur rearing up beside it. It could feature a flower above, fish swimming below, or be held in a rocket blasting off to the stars. Create a Calendar Kit provides you with a pre-printed set of dates and images on card. Your task is to colour them in and add sequins, glitter or other eye-catching devices to mark the passing of time. Create a Calendar Kit contains five designs and costs pound;3.99 from BrightMinds.

Tel: 0870 44 22 144

Twelve more days

If your copy of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is worn out from too many Christmas sing-alongs, maybe it's time to find a replacement. One option is the new version from Oxford University Press, illustrated by Ian Beck. His version is a world away from today's gaudy electronic festive headache. pound;4.99 from bookstores and online at

Too much information

GCSE revision guides multiply so abundantly that teenagers could soon spend all their time revising rather than learning the original subject. The BBC's GCSE Bitesize Revision books work in conjunction with a website and specific television programmes. Resistant Materials (pound;3.99, BBCEducation Publishing) - for use in design and technology - is divided into 100 page-length mini-topics, from writing a spec and meeting users'

needs via the use of woods, metals and plastics, to the role of saws and lathes in the making process. Test Yourself panels conclude each page. Tel: 0870 830 8000 Free resources are published next week

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