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TEACHING TECHNOLOGY THROUGH PACKAGING. Teacher's support pack, Hobsons pound;5.95.

Developing pupils' understanding of industry and the influence of production methods on design is often a challenge for teachers. But help is available in the form of several industry-sponsored support packs including this set on packaging and the environment. It complements the Hobsons popular Products and Packages.

Aimed at key stages 3 and 4, the pack has five separate booklets - Electronics, Food, Graphics, Resistant Materials and Textiles and a useful examination syllabus guide linking their content to all current design and technology GCSEs and relevant Scottish Standard Grade qualifications. This allows teachers to check that the suggested projects and activities can legitimately be found a place in a crowded examination course.

Each 24-page booklet follows a similar structure and includes ideas for using packaging as a coursework theme. Case studies written by teachers describe how each activity was managed but could have benefited from increased emphasis on methods of assessing achievements. It is reasonably priced and sufficiently flexible to meet the needs of most schools. All credit to the Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment for supporting such a resource.

Bob Welch is president of the National Association of Advisers and Inspectors in Design and Technology.

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