Unequal league

I have written on two separate occasions to the Secretary of State for Education and Employment about children with special needs and key stage 2 league tables.

This school has a two-class moderate-learning-difficulty unit for KS2 children. We adopt a positive and non-discriminating approach towards children with special needs, learning or physical difficulties, in mainstream.

Of the 51 Year 6 pupils taking the KS2 standard assessment tests, 26 were on the special needs register and 10 had full statements. None of these children met the criteria for disapplication, so all sat the tests, and their results will be included.

Such a situation renders any league table position completely meaningless in our case as a measure of effectiveness. The inequalities between schools already makes the situation comparable with Crewe Alexandra reserves playing Liverpool (I write as a long-time Crewe supporter); but in our case, it's as if half the Crewe reserves had doctors' certificates saying they were unfit to work!

If league tables are to have merit and credence, this particular anomaly will need to be addressed urgently.

PHILIP R ROY Headteacher Wyche Primary School Manor Road Nantwich, Cheshire

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