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Unfair fare deal

Children of parents who are religious routinely receive LEA-subsidised "denominational transport" to travel to a school of their denomination (most frequently, Roman Catholics) practically by right.

But children of Protestant or non-religious families who attend a Catholic school, for instance, have in most cases to travel to school at their own expense. This is discriminatory and unfair, a situation which is overdue for challenge.

A similar problem arises with those parents who do not want their children to attend one of the 6,000 religious schools. As your reported, pupil Laura Abbott and her parents are reluctant for her to attend the nearby religious school and therefore have to fund her transport to a more distant community school (TES, July 18).

Many non-religious parents feel similarly, and their wishes should be accorded just as much respect and financial support as RC parents to attend RC schools.

Keith Porteous Wood. Executive director. National Secular Society. 25 Red Lion Square. London WC1

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