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Unfair HMI

It is grossly unfair of you to report the HMI criticism of Cademuir International School without reference to the principal for his comment (TESS, May 3), and without any prior thought as to how criticism will affect pupils and parents.

The staff at the school work very diligently with the students. For some of them Cademuir is their last hope for an education and entry to university.

The school accepts pupils who have been failed by the mainstream education system irrespective of the reasons, and works with them and their parents to foster a learning environment where they can proceed to the next level.

It is right to be concerned about the welfare of the children. But it is churlish to condemn the school to such an extent as to force its closure. Who will then help the children that society fails?

Our prisons are filled with both children and adults who have been denied the right the an education because they were bright but had anti-social tendencies.

Laurene Hoyte Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire

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