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An unfair rap for Hindu primary

I was disappointed by the misleading article about the proposed Hindu primary school in Edgware ("Hare Krishna school angers Hindus", TES, December 8).

Given planning permission, the Krishna-Avanti primary would be run by the independent charity I-Foundation, which promotes Hindu culture. We are not, as your report states, "hard-line Hare Krishna devotees". We aim to open in 2008, not 2010 as you report. The official faith partner Iskon will advise on the Hindu faith, with backing from leading Hindu organisations. Iskon is one of the world's most well-respected branches of Hinduism and is not a "cult". Its relationship with the school is purely advisory and non-binding.JLike all state-funded schools, the governing body will have the final decision-making power.

We reject any implication of links with child abuse. Iskon has set up a child-protection office with teams worldwide to screen out abusers, educate children and adults about child abuse, and encourage vigilance.

Experts from many faith backgrounds are advising the I-Foundation. We are consulting with the local community to create a school that will play a full part in the life of Harrow and benefit Hindus and non-Hindus. For more information, see:; or email: Nitesh Gor Director, I-Foundation

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