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Union gets lucky with Kylie

WHAT do PAT delegates think about Ms Minogue's malign influence and the workload reforms? The TES asked them...

Geraldine Everett, a special needs co-ordinator from Leicester: "Male teachers find it incredibly awkward and embarrassing when female students are wearing very skimpy dresses. If they are going up stairs and they've got very short skirts on it leaves nothing to the imagination."

Nigel Wilson, history teacher at Queen Elizabeth grammar, Blackburn: "A lot of pupils dress far more provocatively than they used to. When you look at show like Top of the Pops you can see why. I do think they have a responsibility."

Tony Reynolds, Year 5 and 6 teacher from Over primary, Cambridge: "I'm not sure the school is sufficiently well-financed to bring in the support required for the workload agreement. Assistants have yet to go through the training and we will start in September learning as we go along."

Lesley Cassidy, Year 2 teacher at Phoenix infants school, Nottingham: "I can't see the workload deal happening. We have only just managed to keep hold of the staff we have got, so how can we employ more staff and give them additional training?"

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