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Union slate rules the roost after GTC elections

THE Educational Institute of Scotland continues to dominate the key positions in the General Teaching Council, following a special council meeting last week.

The new convener is Norma Anne Watson, a past president of the EIS who is head of Kirkhill nursery school in Broxburn. Two other former union presidents were chosen as committee chairs of, respectively, probation and finance and general purposes - May Ferries, depute head at Victoria primary in Glasgow, and Wolseley Brown, a teacher at Golfhill primary in Airdrie.

Other committees with EISchairs are: accreditation and review - Glenise Borthwick, assistant principal teacher of English at Vale of Leven Academy; communications - May Shand, a teacher at New Elgin primary; education - Tony Finn, head of St Andrews High in Kirkcaldy; and exceptional admissions to the register - Graham Dane, head of physics at St Augustine's High in Edinburgh.

The new convener of the further education committee is Bruce Heil, head of building engineering at Edinburgh's Telford College and education convener of the EIS's College Lecturers' Association.

Gordon Kirk, dean of the education faculty at Edinburgh University, stays as vice-convener.

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