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The union's eight-point charter

The EIS is demanding action from the Scottish Office and the Higher Still Development Unit on an eight-point plan.

* Detailed exemplars of internal assessment that are "open to public scrutiny and challenge. if need be, assessment must be changed."

* Higher and Intermediate should be treated as "a common course with differentiated outcomes" to avoid multi-level teaching.

* High quality staff development should be timetabled in negotiation with education authorities. the "cascade" approach, in which key people are trained and pass on their knowledge to others, is insufficient.

* All staff development should be Government-funded including the provision of class cover if necessary.

* Additional resources for teaching materials must be provided unless a new course is very similar to the one it replaces.

* High quality teaching materials must be available well before the start of a course.

* Necessary hardware resources must be identified and provided especially but not only for science, technology, management and guidance.

* Minimum levels of resourcing must be established so there are no "continual concerns over the availability of resources or the pressures of multi-level teaching".

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