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Union's lack of Israeli balance

So the National Union of Teachers conference deplores the "fence" being built by the Israeli government for its own security as "incompatible with a viable Palestinian state"?

Even Jewish opinion is divided over the rights and wrongs of some Israeli government decisions and about the "fence" itself. Yet the NUT delegates refused even to debate the ruling executive's amendment which would also have criticised Palestinian suicide attacks.

Surely teachers are supposed to be concerned about the welfare and balanced education of children? Strange, then, that they refuse to comment on the practice of training children in bigotry and hatred, of encouraging children to put themselves in the firing line, and to blow themselves to pieces in order to win prize money for their parents out of EU funds intended to relieve the poverty of genuinely suffering Arabs in the region.

As a former secondary school teacher, and as a Christian, I find the attitude of the NUT delegates deplorably inconsistent.

Christopher J Laslett Retired member Assistant Masters and Mistresses Association (Address supplied)

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