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University for Industry 'will excite'

A Scottish University for Industry will be an "exciting and innovative" addition to the Government's promotion of lifelong learning, the Education Minister said.

South of the border, David Blunkett, the Education Secretary, published a green paper on lifelong learning but Mr Wilson revealed a Scottish equivalent is some weeks away. It will set out a post-16 structure to enhance education and training opportunities.

Mr Wilson confirmed the Scottish Office was trying to identify a "suitable agency to manage and co-ordinate a series of pilot projects" to ensure the new university is up and running within two years.

Meanwhile, disproportionate cuts in library services are threatening the Government's attack on adult literacy and its promotion of lifelong learning, councils have warned.

A survey carried out by the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities shows that the number of books and materials is 27 per cent below recommended levels in junior sections and 30 per cent below on adult stock. Libararies are 750,000 items short.

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