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University Lecturers not marking work

Funky_chick: Can you imagine if we refused to mark GCSEA-level work? They have a right to make their point - but are they really so selfish that they would potentially ruin people's lives? Student teachers not getting their QTS - not getting jobs because they need a degree, or being paid as unqualified teachers.

Jubilee: The quicker the employers take the claims seriously, the quicker the issue will be resolved. Lecturer pay has fallen back significantly in recent years in relation to teachers' pay.

Spiz: This intention not to mark work at the end of the year was declared last November. The employers refused to consider the claim until a couple of weeks ago. So why are you pointing the finger at the lecturers?

funky_chick: Many students I know are looking to see if they can take legal action. I know the employers didn't take it seriously, but surely it has gone too far now and someone has to stop it.

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