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Unknown Fife;Jotter

You've got to have your wits about you when serving on an education committee. It was bad enough that Dunfermline College used to be in Edinburgh and Lauder College is in Dunfermline.

A discussion at last week's meeting in Fife about St Andrew's High prompted veteran Labour councillor Tom Dair to remind the press that the school is in Kirkcaldy not in the other place near Cupar (a matter of no little sensitivity since Fife is preparing to spend pound;4 million to complete the modernising of Bell Baxter High in Cupar).

"I've seen some pretty strange drivers going through Dairsie looking for St Andrew's High," Dair observed. (Helpful Jotter Geographical Note: Dairsie - no relation - is three miles from Cupar on the road to the other place and nowhere near Kirkcaldy.) Rimbleton School nearly led to more confusion as the SNP's Peter Grant stressed that this was Rimbleton House residential school not Rimbleton primary in his Glenrothes patch. Small wonder Grant was anxious. The council wants to close Rimbleton - the residential place, that is.

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