Unmentioned joys of headship

As a primary school headteacher I feel that I must write and redress some of the gloom and doom reporting on the trials of being a headteacher.

Yes, it is a demanding job - at times we seem to be blamed for all of society's ills and in the next breath be expected to put them right. We operate in a climate of no extra funding, but are actively raising standards despite a lack of resources.

Yet no one seems to mention the joys of the job. The satisfaction of seeing children grow both in social, practical and academic skills. The pride in seeing a school blossom under one's guidance and encouragement. To see parents, whose own experience of schools may have been flawed, have the confidence to come into school to talk about their child and take part in school life.

I hesitate to call it the best job in the world, as I chose it, or rather it chose me, but it must be pretty near the top.

To all those young teachers out there on the first rungs of the profession, my message is to put aside your fears and go for it - you might just love what you find.


Nine Maidens junior and infant school Four Lanes Redruth Cornwall

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