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Unsung heroine

As one of the contributors to "Plowden re-visited" (TES, January 24), I was very taken aback that no mention was made of Molly Brearley's outstanding contribution to the Plowden Report. At the time such was the recognition of her hard work and inspirational professional leadership of the committee, that she was awarded the OBE for her services to education.

Molly Brearley was principal of the (then) Froebel Educational Institute at Roehampton during much of what would be considered the "Plowden" years and was seconded to work on the report. Students who were there at the time owe her an incalculable debt. She had the wit and energy to surround herself with an outstanding staff, and, though her real interest in, and love for, children was evident, sloppy thinking was out - both for them and for students.

She could be caustic and was certainly tenacious, but she also had a remarkable vision of what could be achieved by an enlightened education that based itself on profound respect for children and knowing what it was to learn, as well as what it was to be taught.

ANNABELLE DIXON 82 Duncombe Road Bengeo Hertford

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