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Upper river valley

(Photograph) - This model of an upper river valley is from Rivers in the Make It Work Geography series by Andrew Haslam and Barbara Taylor (Two-CanWatts), winners of the Geographical Association's Gold Certificate. The books were praised for their superb artwork and practical projects.

Teaching Geography at Key Stage 2 by Bill Chambers and Karl Donert in the Teaching and Learning through the National Curriculum series (Chris Kington Publishing) and Population, Resources and Development by Jane Chrispin and Francis Jegede (Collins) for A-level were awarded Silver Certificates.

Three other publications were highly commended: Geography Fieldwork Enquiry on Portland, Teacher's Guide by Simon Williams and Philip Hardwick (Weymouth and Portland Borough Council) for GCSE and A-level; Living in St Lucia by Vincent Bunce and Wendy Morgan (Cambridge University Press) for key stage 2; and Managing Wilderness Regions by John Chaffey (Hodder Stoughton) for A-level.

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