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Use and abusage

Readers will have noted from last week's issue that the HMI spotlight and the world's media fell upon East Dunbartonshire Council's education service in less than glowing terms.

The spotlight also fell on Vicki Nash, the council's chief executive, who was much in demand. In a remarkable outbreak of frankness, she described the HMI report as a "fair reflection" of the council's education work. One of the report's fair criticims was the "strained and sometimes acrimonious" relationship with some secondary heads.

Imagine then Ms Nash's chagrin when she received a transcript of an interview she did with BBC Radio Scotland and read that one of the planned improvements was to be the introduction of "abusiveness" for headteachers. This indeed would be strained and acrimonious, but the council stresses that the plan is for "a review system".

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