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Useful contacts;Raising standards for all

DfEE Department for Education and Employment Contact Information Officer DfEE Sanctuary Buildings Great Smith Street, London Westminster, London SW1P 3BT Tel: 0171 925 5000 Webpage:

QCA Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. Contact Customer Services Newcombe House, 45 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3JB Tel: 0171 728 1914. Fax: 0171 243 0542. Webpage:

TTA Teacher Training Agency. Contact Information Line Portland House, Stag Place, London SW1E 5TT Tel: 01245 454 454. Email: Webpage:

LOCAL GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION. Contact Information Officer26 Chapter Street London SW1P 4ND. Tel: 0171834 2222.

NATIONAL EDUCATION BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP NETWORK. Contact Jane Ritchie, NEBPN Secretary Broom Cottages Primary SchoolFerryhill County Durham DL17 8AN. Tel: 01740 652681. Fax: 01740 657005.

TEC NATIONAL COUNCIL. Contact Information Officer Westminster Tower 3 Albert Embankment London SE1 7SX. Tel: 0171 735 0010. Webpage: http;

ASE Association for Science Education Extensive membership in schools and colleges from primary through to further education. Publishes six distinctive and targeted journals. Organises meetings on science curriculum both nationally and locally. Produces a wide range of curriculum support materials SATIS (Science and Technology in Society) with industrial support. Contact David Moore Chief Executive. College Lane Hatfield Hertfordshire AL10 9AA. Tel: 01707 267411. Fax: 01707 266532. E-Mail:

Webpage: http:\\\orgs\asehq

ASSET Association for Schools Science Engineering and Technology Working to encourage, interest and enthuse young people about the excitement and challenge of science and technology through active learning through CREST Awards (Creativity in Science and Technology Awards), Young Engineers and SATROs (Science and Technology Regional Organisations). Organising national conferences to raise public awareness towards the importance of science and technology to our national future Contact Ann Parkin Chief Executive. 1 Giltspur Street London EC1A 9DD. Tel: 0171 294 2431. Fax: 0171 294 2442. E-Mail:

ASSET CREST Creativity in Science and Technology Awards Scheme which recognises student achievement in science and technology through industry linked project work Contact Alan West National Director CREST Awards, ASSET 1 Giltspur Street London EC1A 9DD Tel: 0171 294 3099. Fax: 0171 294 2442. E-Mail:

Webpage: http:\\

ASSET SATROs Science andTechnology Regional Organisation A network of over 40 centres working with local industry and education to deliver ASSET, CREST Awards and Young Engineers national programmes to schools and colleges throughout the country Contact Jenny Holme National Director SATROs, ASSET 1 Giltspur Street London EC1A 9DD Tel: 0171 294 3099 Fax: 0171 294 2442 E-Mail:

asSET Young Engineers National network of Young Engineers clubs. Clubs offer out of school hours and extra curricular projects for young people to encourage and motivate students in the world of engineering. Also offers web site Contact Tim Maskell National Director Young Engineers National Office 1 Giltspur Street London EC1A 9DD Tel: 0171 294 2438 Fax: 0171 294 2442 E-Mail:

Webpage: http:\\

BAAS British Association for the Advancement of Science Runs national network of school based science clubs (BAYS), Co-ordinates SET Week - The National Week of Science, Engineering and Technology, Organises Annual Meeting, attracting over 5000 Scientists, Educationalists and 10,000 young people Contact Brian Gamble Director of Programmes 23 Saville Row London W1X 2NB Tel: 0171 973 3500 Fax: 0171 973 3051 Webpage: http:\\

BITC Business in the Community Contact Amanda Tudge Information Officer 44 Baker Street London W1M 1DH Tel: 0171 224 1600 Fax: 0171 486 1700 Email: Webpage:

CBI Confederation of British Industry CBI is the recognized independent non -party political spokesman for the business viewpoint to government and is consulted as such by the government. There are 13 regional councils and offices covering the regions of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. There is also an office in Brussels Contact Information Officer Centre Point 103 New Oxford Street WC1 1DU el: 0171 379 7400 Fax: 0171 240 0988 Webpage: http:\\

CEDC Community Education Development Centre Training programmes and materials, Consultancy services, Model development projects, National work experience challenge, Publications including NETWORK Contact Chris Jones Development Officer Woodway Park School Wigston Road Coventry CV2 2RH Tel: 01203 655700 Fax: 01203 655701 E-Mail:

CEI Centre for Education and Industry The Centre for Education and Industry (CEI), University of Warwick, is a national and international centre for the study and dissemination of information and experience of education - industry collaboration. It offers consultancy, teaching and research and evaluation services for business, education and business-education partnerships. It includes: CEI information; Postgraduate and Professional Studies; the NatWest Financial Literacy Centre; and the School Curriculum Industry Partnership (SCIP).

Contact Information Officer University of Warwick Coventry CV4 7AL Tel: 01203 523523 Fax: 01203 523617 E-Mail:

CITB Construction Industry Training Board Pre-vocational Education through Curriculum Centres and Construction Partnerships, Extensive Membership and co-operation between schools at all levels and construction businesses at national, regional and local levels, Training advice available locally, Construction courses careers information, Learning materials Contact Howard Maylard Bircham Newtown Kings Lynn PE31 6RH Tel: 01553 776677 Fax: 01553 691991 E-Mail: Webpage: http:\\

CRAC Careers Research and Advisory Council Promotes lifelong career development, Holds conferences on key issues, Learning Programmes for teachers, students and young managers, Customised development programmes, Learning materials, Guidance research and consultancy Contact Alison Sykes Sheraton House Castle Park Cambridge CB3 0AX Tel: 01223 460277 Fax: 01223 311708 E-Mail: Webpage: http:\\\crac

Crime Concern Youth Works is a programme to involve young people living in disadvantaged housing areas in shaping their physical and social environment by addressing issues of youth crime and criminality and by being responsive to their local community Contact Penny Dennis Signal Point Station Road Swindon SN1 1FE Tel: 01793 514596 Fax: 01793 514654

CSV Education CVS enables adults to work with children in schools through: CSV Learning Together, a student tutoring initiative, CSV peer AID which helps students tackle practical and emotional difficulties with the aid of a peer, Changemakers which encourages young people to be involved in group projects to develop and motivate them Contact Eunice Hobbs National Coordinator 237 Pentonville Road London N1 9NJ Tel: 0171 278 6601 Fax: 0171 278 1020 E-Mail:

DUBS Durham University Business School (Enterprise and Industry Education Unit) The Enterprise and Industry Education Unit's work focuses on the development of enterprising and work related approaches in the curriculum of primary, secondary and post 16 institutions. Qualitative and quantitative research is carried out Workshops are run for schools Curriculum and training programmes are developed in the UK and internationally. Contact Judi Cotton Director Mill Hill Lane Durham City DH1 3LB Tel: 0191 374 2257 Fax: 0191 374 2206 E-Mail:

Education Extra

Education Extra is a national charity set up to help schools with their after-school activities. We run a national award scheme for schools, worth over pound;100,000, with the support of over 60 companies; we have developed an advice and information network for over 1500 schools, TECs, LEAs and companies, we run over 100 exemplary projects in schools, from sports and arts to the recent Summer Literacy Initiative. All this is supported by training packages for teachers, to help them make the most of the opportunities arising in this field.

Contact Ginny Harris 17 Old Ford Road London E2 9PL Tel: 0181 983 1061 Fax: 0181 981 6719 E-Mail: Webpage: http:\\

EES The Engineering Education Scheme Three programmes giving students of varying ages and abilities an opportunity to experience engineering. Problem solving days, project work with industry and an experience of what life is like as an undergraduate.

Contact: Information Officer Weltech Centre Ridgeway Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire AL7 2AA Tel: 01707 393323 Fax: 01707 393133 E-Mail: Webpage: Website coming soon

Engineering Council Offers local support for schools: support for initial teacher training as well as producing publications. Also runs The Neighbourhood Engineers porgramme which plays an important role by enhancing young people's scientific and technical capability and raising the awareness of the importance of engineering to the economy and society. Since its launch in 1984 the Engineering Councils Women into Science and Engineering (WISE) campaign has encouraged more girls and women to consider careers in science and engineering. By working broadly on six fronts i.e. girls and women, parents, teaching staff and education careers advisors, employers, politicians and the media, WISE is helping to spread themessage that male or female individual merit must be the only measure for recruitment and advancement.

Contact Public Affairs Department 10 Maltravers Street London WC2R 3ER Tel: 0171 240 7891 Fax: 0171 240 7517 E-Mail: Webpage: http:\\

Gatsby Technical Education Project The Gatsby Technical Education Project has been established for the advancement of education for the benefit of the public by the support and development of excellence in engineering, technology, science, mathematics, IT and other academic areas.

Contact Paula Heritage Contact 47 Red Lion Court London EC4A 3EB Tel: 0171 936 3759 Fax: 0171 936 3512 E-Mail:

HTI Heads, Teachers and Industry Leadership and Management Up to one year leadership placements in business for senior educationalists. HEADLAMP registered, HTI offers courses in: National Professional Qualification for Headship (West Midlands) Developing Strategy for School Vision Strategic Human Resource Development Financial Strategy Planning.

Contact Anne Evans Director Vanguard Centre University of Warwick Science Park Coventry CV4 7EZ Tel: 01203 410104 Fax: 01203 415984 E-Mail: Webpage:

INCLUDE A national charity providing projects for children and young people with severe school attendance problems, including exclusion, Projects are set in a mainstream environment of school, college and work experience, Training for professionals on subjects such as behaviour management in schools, increasing parental involvement, and the educational problems of young people.

Contact Martin Stephenson Director Lincoln House The Paddocks Cambridge CB1 4DH Tel: 01223 242849 Fax: 01223 242859

IIE Industry in Education IIE Industry in Education is supported by many leading companies. It carries out research, conducts trials and argues for new approaches in the education system. Current areas of interest are: the development of students' personal qualities as well as qualifications for employability; bringing industry into the management of education; industrial school governorship.

Contact Dick Whitcutt Director 100 West Hill London SW15 2UT Tel: 0181 875 9799 Fax: 0181 875 9810

KCN Kids Club Network Kids Club promote and support school age childcare by providing in every neighbourhood play opportunities in a care setting after school and during school holidays.

Contact Anne Longfield Director Bellerive House 3 Muirfield Crescent London E14 9SZ Tel: 0171 512 2112 Fax: 0171 512 2010 Webpage: http:\\

NACRO National Association for the Care amp; Resettlement of Offenders NACRO provides school aged young people who are not attending school regularly with constructive day time activities which may lead into mainstream Youth Training, employment or back into education Contact Cynthia Sutherland Publications 169 Clapham Road London SW9 0PU Tel: 0171 582 6500 Fax: 0171 735 4666

National Federation of Food and Farming Challenges The National Federation of Food and Farming Challenges offers real problem solving tasks set by companies and organisations involved in Food, Farming and the Countryside, Ideal for Core Skills and GNVQ with 14-18 year olds. Available across most of the UK.

Contact Rod MacDonald Director Royal Agricultural Society Stoneleigh Park Warwickshire CV8 2LZ Tel: 01203 696969 extn 315 Fax: 01203 696388

NLT National Literacy Trust The Trust works in partnership with others to enhance literacy standards throughout the UK. It collects and communicates information on best practices - its database is available online and runs Reading is Fundamental, UK. It alsopublishes a quarterly magazine, Literacy Today, and runs training and consultancy.

NLT Reading is Fundamental The National Literacy Trust launched Reading is Fundamental (RIF) , UK, following the success of RIF in the USA. RIF helps children grow up loving books and reading by setting up reading events and providing books for children to choose and own for free NLT The National Year of Reading The Year (NYR), to run from September 1998 to August 1999, is a UK-wide Government initiative. It aims to change the way the nation approaches reading by promoting reading events and initiatives to encourage everyone to read for pleasure and information more widely and more often.

Contact Neil McClelland Director (NLT) Roy Blatchford Director (RIF) Liz Attenborough, Project Director (NYR) Swire House, 59 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6AJ Tel: 0171 828 2435 Fax: 0171 931 9986 Webpage:

National Youth Agency The National Youth Agency provides support to all those involved in the informal, personal and social education of young people. Funded primarily by the local authority associations and government departments, it offers: a team of youth work specialists helping to improve the content and organisation of youth work and youth work training, the country's most comprehensive collection of resources on work with young people an enquiry answering service a full range of publications, and press and public relations service to raise the profile of work with young people.

Contact Jenny Hand 17-23 Albion Street Leicester LE1 6GD Tel: 0116 285 6789 Fax: 0116 247 1043 E-Mail:

NDTEF National Design and Technology Foundation Design GCSE's and other courses and support teachers in the delivery of Information Technology, Design Technology and Business Studies. All GCSE's and A'Levels are certified by London Examinations. Produces a wide range of packs supporting the delivery of its courses. All packs involve practising teachers in their design and are associated with particular industrial contexts to provide realistic strategies for learning. Provides a national programme on INSET focusing on delivery for all its courses, termly newsletters and telephone support.

Contact Ben Kelsey CEO The Old Chapel House Pound Hill Hants SO24 9BW Tel: 01962 735801 Fax: 01962 735597 E-Mail:

NMN National Mentoring Network Production and updating a directory of contacts, including identification of training and associated support available, Promotion of mentoring, Development of a library of resources, Production of a national newsletter, Information and support Contact Jean Delahoy Salford Compact Partnership Business and Technology Centre Patricroft M30 0RJ Tel: 0161 787 3135 Fax: 0161 787 3137

NTO (National Training Organisation) National Council NTO is the national representative body to Industry Training Organisations (ITOs), Lead Bodies and Occupational Standards Councils (OSCs). The role is to: promote the concept and benefits of sector based training, represent ITOs, Lead Bodies and OSCs to government and national partners, develop and respond to national and international training proposals and initiatives, provide training and services to help ITOs, Lead Bodies and OSCs achieve their objectives cost effectively, act as a forum for discussion and exchange of best practice by arranging seminars and conferences, act as a sector manager for ITOs under European Social Fund objective 3 and promote other community initiatives such as Leonardo and ADAPT to sector organisations.

Contact Information Officer 10 Meadowcourt Amos Road Sheffield S9 1BX Tel: 0114 261 9926 Fax: 0114 261 8103

Our Daughters Charitable Trust Take Our Daughters to Work Day is a project set up to remove barriers to the personal and social development of girls and boys in order to create a society in which people can participate to their full potential.

Contact Judy Hargadon 20-22 Craven Road London W2 3PX Tel: 0171 402 5363 Fax: 0171 402 5721 E-Mail: Webpage:

Post 16 Education Centre

Contact Annette Hayton 55-59 Gordon Square London WC1H 0NT Tel: 0171 612 6176 Fax: 0171 612 6766 E-Mail: Webpage:

Pre School Learning Alliance Campaign at the moment is "Pre School Matters" Contactct Information Officer 69 Kings Cross Road London WC1X 9LL Tel: 0171 833 0991

Quinco Limited Contact Alex McDiarmid Savoy Hill House 7-10 Savoy Hill London WC2R 0BU Tel: 0171 344 5385 Fax: 0171 344 5386 E-Mail:

Rathbone CI Vocational Education projects for young people with school attendance problems and including an induction to vocational opportunities through work placements with local employers to encourage renewed school attendance or work towards vocational and other qualifications.

Contact The Excalibur Building 77 Whitworth Street Manchester M1 6EZ Tel: 0161 236 5358 Fax: 0161 236 4539 Webpage: http:\\www.

RSA - Parents in a Learning Society A project working in 10 schools. The main aim is to help parents become involved (and help) in their children's education, The project produces publications and runs workshops.

Contact Leslie James Head of Education 8 John Adam Street London WC2N 6EZ Tel: 0171 930 5115 Fax: 0171 839 5805 E-Mail: Webpage: http:\\

The 21st Century Learning Initiative (UK) Co-ordinating the work of the Transnational Programme to synthesise a new model of Effective Learning. Development and testing of this model in a UK context. Further research into active, involved and self-managed learning. Community motivation towards Life-Long Learning. Developing innovative technologies throughout schools and communities.

Contact John Abbott President LGCHF Offices Broadway Letchworth SG6 3AB Tel: 01462 481107 Fax: 01462 481108 E-Mail: Webpage: http:\\

The Basic Skills Agency Family literacy programmes are designed to break the cycle whereby parents who have poor basic skills tend to have children who have basic skills problems. Development Support Programmes are for 16-19 year olds and are designed to develop new learning opportunities and improve the quality of basic skills programmes.

Contact Gillian Baderman Administration Commonwealth House 1-19 New Oxford Street London WC1A 1NU Tel: 0171 405 4017 Fax: 0171 440 6626 E-Mail: Webpage: http:\\

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award The Award Scheme offers young people the challenge of taking part in a leisure-time programme of activities designed for use by all agencies having a concern for the development of young people.

Contact Information Officer Gulliver House Madeira Walk Berkshire SL4 1EU Tel: 01753 810753 Fax: 01753 810666 E-Mail: Webpage: http:\\\dea

The Dyslexia Institute The Dyslexia Institute is an educational charity dedicated to successful learning for dyslexic people. Provides a national network of 23 main centres and 130 linked learning centres. Has developed and introduced a literacy development programme called Units of Sound Multimedia which aims to help underachieving individuals. Aims to train 300 teachers nationwide with a 10 hour course on Units of Sound which includes effective use of material, management and monitoring and case study guidelines.

Contact Jan Webb Fundraising Manager 133 Gresham Road Staines TW18 2AJ Tel: 01784 463851 Fax: 01784 460747 E-Mail: Webpage:

The Industrial Society Topical events on educational management issues - often run with company support, Student Industrial Societies in 50 universities with over 40 supporting companies, Work related conferences in schools and colleges run with business support, Training school governors from the business community, 2020 vision - setting the agenda for young people, Collaborative management training - schools, companies

Contact Joan Foulkes Quadrant Court 49 Calthorpe Road Birmingham B15 1TH Tel: 0121 454 6769 Fax: 0121 456 3846 E-Mail: Webpage: http:\\

The London Enterprise Agency (LEntA Ltd) Pathways - a DfEE sponsored project to help school children prepare better for the world of work and their adult lives. Defines what they should learn in the non-statutory areas of the curriculum and provides schools with a management matrix to ensure that those areas are covered.

Contact Information Officer 4 Snow Hill London EC1A 2BS Tel: 0171 236 3000 Fax: 0171 329 0225 E-Mail: Webpage: Website coming soon

The Open School Trust Soundworks Early Literacy Programme is an in-school training programme to provide early identfication and remediation for children who are struggling to read, write and spell. A teletutoring via fax and e-mail programme helps children who are denied open access to a full education to realise their potential.

Contact Park Road Dartington Totnes TQ9 6EQ Tel: 01803 866542 Fax: 01803 866676

The Phoenix (Scotland) Trust The project deals with stress in young people in society, leading to the present levels of violence, criminality, addiction, illness and abuse. Contact Annette Shearer Director 201 St James Road Townhead Glasgow G4 0NT Tel: 0141 553 2353 Fax: 0141 553 2353

The Prince's Trust The Prince's Trust provides a nationwide network which delivers: practical advice and counselling support for business start ups loans and grants training local projects personal development support for study outside school. It delivers programmes through a number of operational arms including: The Prince's Trust-Action (PT-A) which supports Study Support Centres and the Compact Plus Network. Prince's Trust Volunteers (PTV) which offers personal development programmes for employed and unemployed young people which develop team working and other key skills and deliver projects in the community. The Prince's Youth Business Trust (PYBT) which provides loans and support for young people who have an idea for self employment or for starting a business. Contact Information Officer 18 Park Square East London NW1 4LH Tel: 0171 543 1234 Fax: 0171 543 1200 Webpage: http:\\ uk

THE TRIDENT TRUST Organises quality work experience and personal challenges for youg people 14-18 years as part of an integrated three part "Skills for Life" programme which contributes to the National Curriculum, NRA and vocational qualifications. Contact Director Saffron Court 14b St Cross Street London EC1N 8XA Tel: 0171 242 1616 Fax: 0171 430 2975

TUC Produced "A Better Way to Work", educational resource to help teachers young people for the world of work, to use with 14-19 year olds. (File ref: Cabinet: Nat Supp Ag). Working with CEI, SCIP, Univ. of Warwick, teachers and trade unions. Key stage 4.

Contact Sarah Perman Policy Officer Congress House Great Russell Street London WC1B 3LS Tel: 0171 636 4030 Fax: 0171 636 0632

Understanding Industry Programmes on how business operates delivered by managers from local companies. Programmes delivered in curriculum time to support all current courses of study available for 16-19 year olds. Emphasis on student participation and development of Key Skills required by employers and colleges and universities. Accredited AEB examination for participants.

Contact Stuart Bishell Chief Executive Enterprise House 59-65 Upper Ground London SE1 9PQ Tel: 0171 620 0735 Fax: 0171 928 0578

Who Cares? Trust Programmes to raise the levels of achievement of disadvantaged students, particularly those in the care of local authorities and help motivate them towards the development of their personal and vocational skills. Contact Frances Meegan Employment Development Kemp House 152-160 City Road London EC1V 2NP Tel: 0171 251 3117 Fax: 0171 251 3123

YE Young Enterprise UK-wide business education organisation. Business volunteers work with students 14-19. YE run three key programmes: company programme team enterprise (special needs) Project Business UK, YE Examination - Level 2 NVQ, Teacher Qualification, International network for links and exchanges. Contact Peter Westgarth Chief Executive Ewert Place Summertown Oxford OX2 7BZ Tel: 01865 311180 Fax: 01865 310979 E-Mail:

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