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Letts GCSE Science Questions and Answers Pounds 6.95 and Letts GCSE Physics Pounds 4.95

"There are lots of useful revision hints and diagrams. The main points are written in bold, so it is easy to remember them. The diagrams were clear and there was plenty of room to write in between and the contents list was good. It was useful to know that sometimes the examiners want things set out in certain ways." Simon Poth and Nicky Ashby, pupils at Hugh Christie Technology College, Tonbridge, Kent.

"They're quite good, not too expensive. We liked the idea of examiners' tips and mark schemes. There were a lot of good diagrams which help you to remember what's on the page and not too much writing." Lisa Harman and Rebecca Rose, pupils at Hugh Christie Technology College.

"I'm now studying maths, physics and German in the sixth form but I used the Letts Science books for my revision last year and found them really helpful. They gave you all the information you needed for the course and there were extra pieces of information. And at the end of each chapter there were short questions to answer, so that you could see how if you understood the work. " Neil Whelan, pupil at Mascalls Secondary School, Paddock Wood, Kent.

Longman GCSE Keystage 4 Science Guide Pounds 10.99

"It does concern me that a child who is not very strong in the subject could suffer a major jolt to his confidence by seeing something like the Longman revision guide. It could be useful to me, but I'm not sure the students have the skills and knowledge of the syllabus to know what is appropriate to them. Not only do a lot of books tackle too much, they also cover more than one syllabus." Graham Bray, head of science, Mascalls Secondary School.

"I like this book. I like the way it is structured. Each section starts with essential principles and goes through to examination questions and answers. It's got very clear explanations, the diagrams are good and the whole thing is very understandable. The questions are all very practical. I find it gives an extra dimension to the work that we are doing in class." Neil Whelan, pupil at Mascalls Secondary School.

Penguin Passnotes Pounds 2.99 - Pounds 3.50. Longman - York Notes Pounds 3.50

"We tend to recommend that the pupils don't buy them, though parents do ask and sometimes I see one lying on a desk. What the books don't do is point them at the exam techniques that we like. With English literature there is no point in studying a book about the book you are studying - far better to read the set book again." Vaughan Lewis, head of English, Weald of Kent Grammar School for Girls, Tonbridge.

"They look boring, they're aren't any pictures and you get a very short introduction, but they do go into a lot of detail and there is a commentary which also covers all aspects of the work." Lisa Harman and Rebecca Rose, pupils at Hugh Christie Technology College.

"We used Longman - York Notes last year. They were very helpful with understanding the language and it's good to get something that your teachers have been saying put in a different way." Paul Leander and William Larkin, pupils at Mascalls Secondary School.

Flashback Communication: Maths Revision Tutor Pounds 27.99

"The pack contains two three-hour videotapes on topics from Standard Grade and GCSE mathematics. There was nothing on probability and only six minutes on statistics.The presentation, in small sections with examples at the end and both questions and answers in the accompanying booklet was quite useful, and the graphics were clear, but I feel the student would spend a lot oftime pausing to rewind thetape. By and large, I think it is not suitable for lower ability groups and the more able would do better with a book of explanation and examples." Alison Rivers, head of maths, Weald of Kent Grammar School.

Longman GCSE Keystage 4 Mathematics Guide Pounds 9.99 and AS Level Mathematics Revision Guide Pounds 10.99

"I found the format difficult to understand. There is insufficient practice work and not enough depth. Probably because they have tried to put all the levels into one book." Ann Fulcher, maths teacher, Mascalls Secondary School.

"I liked the Longman AS Level Mathematics Revision Guide. I thought it was well presented, reviewing the old GCSE work with plenty of examples to work through." Amanda Cross, head of KS4 maths, Hugh Christie Technology College.

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