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Vacant lot

I HAVE tried to reduce the staffing shortage by one. I phoned Kent education office. A cheerful voice informed me that they no longer keep a list of teachers for schools; I should write to schools. Could they suggest any area where teachers were needed, I enquired: to which the voice replied:

"Almost everywhere."

I phoned the Department for Education and Employment, because I had heard that a unit there was recalling retired teachers. Not so, said a brisk voice, I should apply to my local authority.

I phoned the London borough ofGreenwich. A friendly voice told me that if I faxed my CV to the office, they would forward it to schools with vacancies in my subject. That was on February 19. I could have been in the classroom from February 26. Instead, I read that one comprehensive in the South-east is short of three specialist English teachers.

I know I could register with one of the many teaching agencies, but I would like to receive 100 per cent of the money I earn, not 60 per cent or less. Well, I tried!

Monica Morgan

6 Priory Park, London SE3

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