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The value of SVS;Letter;News amp; Opinion

MYA POLOGIES to Eric Gillies on misinterpreting how the Kelly factor is applied. My advice on its usage it appears was incorrect. I did however have to read his original article (TESS, October 22) to be reminded of why I had initially been moved to reply.

Yes, social and vocational studies statistically is seen as an easily accessed Standard grade, as are some others, but it seemed ingenuous of Mr Gillies to highlight it in this way.

Comparing a pupil's achievement in a course which "examines" activities such as organising a community event with one which includes Newton's first law of motion is very difficult if not impossible, and I totally agree with the point being made in principle.

My objection is that by being specific, SVS as a course appeared demeaned and its educative value with it.

Graham Milne Assistant rector, Elgin Academy

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