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Vennt-up energy

Maths is a hands-on subject, especially when meshed with PE. Here's a game for getting to grips with multiples.

Divide the class into several teams and give each a well-shuffled set of cards numbered from 0-25. Place these in a pile face down in front of each team. Now, for each team, arrange two hoops side by side with an overlap to form a Venn diagram at the opposite end of the hall. Tell the children that they are going to place all multiples of three in the left-hand hoop and all multiples of four in the right-hand hoop. On the blow of a whistle, one player from each team turns over a card, then runs to the Venn diagram to place their digit. They race back to tag the next team member and this goes on until all the cards have been placed. Remind children that multiples of both three and four go in the overlap and that numbers that are not multiples of either should be placed outside the hoops.

The first team to accurately complete their Venn wins.

John Dabell is a teacher at Lawn Primary School in Derby.

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