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Versailles Experience at

Sound historical knowledge, tough negotiating skills and ICT awareness will all be needed by schools wanting to relive one of the momentous events in European history. The Versailles Experience at is a week-long event to be held to mark the anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles signed in 1919. Participating schools in the national event will recreate the negotiation period that led up to the signing of the treaty.

Teachers will be asked to divide classes into the main Allied nations of the Great War - France, Britain, Italy, Polnd, Serbia and the USA. Using archive material from the site and the expertise of historians who can be contacted by email, individual teams will set their own agenda before taking part in online negotiations. Each school will produce its own treaty, and the best treaties will be published on the site.

The Versailles Experience is open to 100 schools and runs from November 6 to 10. Online training to navigate the secure learning environment is available from November 6. Visit to register (before October 31).

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