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Veteran sees through poor fabric of ACfE

In Hans Christian Andersen's story, The Emperor's New Clothes, a child's honesty and innocence breaks the spell that has charmed all other citizens of the kingdom.

This story is poignant at the moment. Across Scotland, ministers of education, rectors, deputes, teachers and all manner of educational professionals are promenading around like peacocks, their nakedness clothed only by the fine weave that is A Curriculum for Excellence. However, unlike that emperor, these nudes are aware of the lack of cloth and the latent potential of the exposing finger. To safeguard their modesty, the tale has been turned on its head and the fingers of accusation point at those who dare question the finery of the ACfE weave.

In this environment, dissent is outlawed, its purveyors bullied into submission or side-lined. Only when all education professionals in Scotland accept the new code and take off their clothes will the new education dawn break. Or so we are to believe.

Yet, whichever way I squint my eyes, this 21-year secondary school veteran cannot see the cloth, only the swindle. The emperor has nothing on.

Paul Philippou, Graham's Place, King Street, Perth.

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