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JOHN GIBBINGS, in his article "A serious error of judgment" (TES, November 12), attacks the National Governors' Council for going beyond its remit (by issuing a joint statement on school funding with the Secondary Heads Association which, he said, was meddling in party politics).

It certainly would not be beyond the remit of the National Association of Governors and Managers, nor, we believe, the NGC, to call for better funding.

NAGM's remit is "to enable governors to play their part in providing the best possible education for all children in schools". In furtherance of this aim we offer an extensive support service for governors and an independent voice - funded entirely by members' subscriptions.

Perhaps the only error (if there was one) was not the message but the choice of partner. Had the two main governor associations spoken in unison, the message would have been far more powerful. Now there's an idea!

The author is chair of the National Association of Governors and

Managers and can be contacted at

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