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Vital threshold advice

With the advent of threshold payments, Lynne Taylor and her team at Cogent Computer Solutions are now in an important postion, as far as giving teachers advice on assessment

Those readers who have been following my Magic Markbook column since January will have seen simple, effective methods to administer assessment data using ICT. By visiting you will find a treasure trove of free advice and files to download relating to assessment management. Our aim is to offer advice and support to schools and teachers, to guide you through the process of setting up assessment data management systems that clearly inform teachers, enhance your professional judgeents and promote better teaching and learning. In our many examples of schools that have already started down this road, heads are saying that these methods are helping them to raise standards. Back in January, we had no idea how important our work would become and its implications for teachers applying for threshold payments.

It's all there on Magic Markbook, everything you need to address the last part of Section 2 - Teaching and Assessment and Section 3 - Pupil Progress.

A new section specifically helps teachers complete these sections of their threshold payments applications. Everything is free and located within the website on

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